The Governments Standard Assessment Procedure for
Energy Rating of Dwellings

New Dwellings:

As an Accredited Energy Assessor I can provide you with Design Stage SAP calculations, Predicted Energy Assessments (PEA’s) and As-Built calculations for submission to your Building Control authority and on completion of your dwelling an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) all as required by and in full accordance with the SAP 2012 regulations


If you are carrying out a Barn Conversion or making alterations to an existing building to increase the number of separate dwellings within the building then you will require an energy rating for the change of use. As an Accredited SAP Assessor I can provide you
with all the necessary calculations and EPC’s.


SAP calculations will be required if you propose to build an extension  which has an area of glazing which exceeds 25% of the floor area of the extension or if you propose to construct a conservatory which is not thermally separated from the existing house.

Part G Water Efficiency Calculations:

Under Part G of the Building Regulations all new homes are required to comply with water consumption efficiency targets, I can provide you with As Design and As Built compliance reports utilizing G Calc 2010 water efficiency assessment software

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